Palm Springs Sober Living

Mountain View Resort

500 W. Racquet Club Road

Palm Springs, CA 92262




Welcome to Palm Springs Sober Living - located in beautiful Southern California

Palm Springs Sober Living provides Hope, Help and a Solution. Come join our family.  

We recognizes that each person has individual needs, strengths and personal challenges. While embracing the 12-step model, we also provide referrals for cognitive-behavioral therapy and other treatment modalities.

Each person is treated as an individual with unique solutions to those needs. We recognize that individuals initiate sobriety for many reasons, some on their own, some via the court system.

We believe that:

  • Long term sobriety provides the best chance for a successful transition to a life without being trapped by addiction to alcohol and drugs.
  • All of us need purpose and productivity for success in life.
  • Healing of relationships to family and friends is an important part of recovery.
  • Those with a sincere commitment to long term sobriety best attain long term success living in a structured sober living environment.


"We are committed to working with you in a positive, collaborative process and environment"