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Sober Living Homes provide a safe environment for a small community of like minded persons willing to maintain sobriety and live together in a home atmosphere. The desire to contribute to the well being of all involved through cooperation and sharing are essential elements to building lasting foundations for continued long term sobriety.

It is an essential community resource that effectively provides safe and sober affordable housing to persons recovering from alcohol and addiction disabilities.

Federal and State Fair Housing laws have established that persons with disabilities have a right to housing. Sober Living Homes are protected by these laws.

Here, at Palm Springs Sober Living Facilities, we provide good fellowship in a drug and alcohol-free environment, giving maximum opportunity to return to the mainstream of life in a beautiful, peaceful and supportive atmosphere.

Palm Springs Sober Living is a member of the Riverside County Sober Living Coalition. Members of the Coalition are subject to quality control peer reviews, which assures that members homes are safe, healthy, well managed and ethical.